Friday, September 29, 2006

We're In

We have finally moved in, but not quite settled in. Last Saturday's move was a true blessing and testimony of how wonderful friends are. Woke up early Saturday morning to a darkened and cloudy sky. I had heard that there was the possibility of rain over that weekend, but knowing how inaccurate the weatherman here usually is, I didn't think twice about it until that morning when I saw the sky. I was worried about rain pouring on the movers and most of all our furniture and such. I said a quick prayer, basically asking the Lord to hold off for a few hours, and hoped for the best. Then people started showing up at our apartment doorstep a little after 8 am. I had barely returned with some donuts and o.j. and there they were. Long story short, our friends shifted into high gear right away and started moving everything we had. From loading to unloading, from old apartment to the new house, they went full speed ahead and just as the last batch of things were unloaded into the house, it started to rain. We couldn't have been more thankful for how smoothly everything turned out, and the great group of friends who showed up from all over to help us out. We feel honored and thankful for each one of you. We owe you big time!

Amidst the moving, however, I forgot to have a camera handy to take some pictures. So sorry, no pictures for the blog. I hope to post some of the house when we have most of our things unpacked and organized. Right now there are still clutters and boxes all around the house, and we have been trying to do bits and pieces each day after we come home from work. So we're hoping to settle in real soon!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Brief Update

Still here everyone! What's going on with us? Well, Mom and Dad left last Thursday. *sniff sniff* Feels strange not being someone's 'child' anymore and having to get back to being an 'independent adult'. Josue and I were definitely spoilt by them in many ways the entire time they were around. Thanks so much, Mom and Dad! We miss you so much already....

And yes, we're finally moving! The walls have been painted, floors mostly cleaned, electricity and water running, cable & internet service and washer & dryer coming in Friday (crossing my fingers!) and a few last-minute details in between that we're currently working on. The move-in day is set for coming Saturday morning, and some of our bestest (that's not quite a word, but you know what I mean) friends in this world are giving up their morning snooze to help us begin this new adventure and stage in our married life. It feels rather unreal still, I can't believe that we're going to be in a house. No more apartments! We are truly blessed.

I hope to take some pictures from the moving day to post here later. Remember us, and pray that no one will get hurt from trying to move our crazy junk over. This is going to be our biggest move yet!

Friday, September 01, 2006

In case you hadn't known already...

....we're moving into a house! No, we're not purchasing it, just renting for now. We're getting a great deal out of this and our landlords are members of our church who have been extremely wonderful and accommodating. Sorry for not sharing this news with some of you sooner, but we wanted to be sure that this was going to happen and that everything was finalized first. It's definitely been a summer project of looking and praying for the right house, and now we have it. So here are some pictures to proof that it's all real! Keep in mind that it's still being worked on. My parents and I have mainly been painting the walls of every room for almost 2 weeks straight and there are still some touching up here and there (thus explaining the white spots you'll see on the pictures). And also note that the colors have appeared much lighter on the pictures when in reality they are slightly darker. So here's the tour:

View of the living room as you enter the house.

View of the living room from inside.

View of the bathroom--yea, older houses seem to have tons of pink.

Our master bedroom still in working progress. The blue is actually navy blue.

The guestroom (and you can sort of see the backyard).

Hallway linking the guest bedroom and bathroom.

The den, i.e. Josue's whatever-he-wants-to-do room.

My mom busy working on the half-bathroom that's in the den. Not quite finished yet.

And as for the kitchen, well, that is a surprise. We're not quite done with it yet, and I'll wait to show it to you when it's all done. It's going to be fabulous, I think. Afterall, the kitchen is going to be MY DOMAIN! So there you have it, a sneek preview of our cute little house. As you can see, the floors immediate won me over right when I first walked in, and the plus is also that we have a nice size backyard with trees all over. Needless to say we're truly excited and can't wait for you to see the 'final product'. Until then...