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This & That

Here's my posting of some of our latest news with pictures. Enjoy!

Our tree! We behaved this year--putting it up a few days AFTER Thanksgiving.
(Remember last year?! Haha...)

A cute picture of Josue and his new 'girlfriends'. Our church's young adult
class did a huge babysitting/parents' night out gig last
Friday night. It was SO much fun.

Over the weekend I hung out with my aunt and her husband.
They came from Malaysia; my uncle is here for pilot training
at DFW. She is my mom's sister and she is the only one (from
my side of Malaysian relatives) who's met Josue personally and LOVES him. :)

Last night we hosted our young adults' Christmas party at our home.
It was a blast! The picture I'm holding was the 'white elephant' gift
that I fought for--a picture of my hubby's face courtesy of the Nielands'. :)

Looks like you're staying busy and having fun! Thanks for the pics!

UPDATE! UPDATE! Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas!

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