Thursday, March 31, 2005

Check out these ducks that somehow wandered and hung out all day at the pool by our apartment! We have no clue how or when they got there, but thought it was a cool sight anyhow. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Birthday Boy (or young man, really)

Celebrating Josue's b-day at TND tonight. Posted by Hello

We celebrated Josue's 24th birthday at TND. It was somewhat of a surprise that Adam and I had planned together for him. I had originally asked Adam to purchase a cake as the dessert part for the meal that he was cooking. But he went above and beyond by actually BAKING a cake on his own, complete with chocolate icing and a green writing of "Happy Birthday Josue" on it. It was GOOD cake too! Go Adam! That was just really impressive, and we (total of 10 of us) got to share this special day with Josue. Happy Birthday Babe! =)

Monday, March 28, 2005

My Monday

I've felt like it's been a rather long day. Josue's eldest brother Hector and his wife Nelly came over for lunch with us. So I spent quite a bit of time this morning in the kitchen to prepare a rather elaborate meal. I really wanted to impress them! =) While preparing lunch I got the shocking news that Indonesia had experienced yet another earthquake around the same area as the Dec 26 quake that caused the huge tsunami. It was strange because I started getting a little edgy about the whole situation for fear that we were going to experience the same horror all over again. Furthermore I panicked a little more when CNN said that Malaysia and Singapore even felt the quake 300 miles away. I said a quick prayer while I watched CNN and followed up on the situation. At first nobody knew what was going on, even CNN didn't have much information or any sort of live footage on anything. It was rather frustrating, but slowly everything became more obvious. There wasn't any major tsunami as a result of the quake, which was of course good news to everyone. But the quake itself has killed at least 300 people while injuring countless others and the death toll continues to rise as I write this. That is still very devastating.

Ok, well back to the lunch. It was a success and we all had a good time visiting together. Josue and I particularly enjoyed playing with our 7 month-old niece Miranda. She is extremely adorable! We were trying to get her to start crawling and such, and she did try a few times while her proud parents struck out their digital camera with the hope of getting pictures of this historical milestone of Miranda's young life. Note the key word: TRY. She had much rather roll around on her side, but oh well, it was worth the shot and she was still very cute regardless. Later on, I brought out a cake/pie that I made for Josue so that we could all celebrate his 24th birthday together. It's one day early, but I thought it'd be a good time to do it with part of his family. (Click on the title to get a view of a picture!) There will be more celebration tomorrow! More to come later...

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Our Easter weekend

It is Easter weekend and it's raining like crazy out there. Apparently it seems to be this way every year during Easter, but I somehow don't have any memory of that. Oh well, it doesn't really matter because it's still rather nice to have an occasional rainy day. Anyway, Josue's younger brother Ernesto is in town for the weekend from ACU. He's currently over at the Wyndham Anatole Hotel hanging out with the youth group from the church in Longview where he will be doing his internship this summer. And the group is there for LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) with tons of other youth groups from around the state. Josue and I plan to go there later this evening, to visit with his youth group from his home congregation in Brownsville as well as give our moral support to the Skillman group who will be participating in various aspects such as Bible quiz, drama and choir. Go Skillman!

Yesterday we had our dear friend Kyna over for lunch. She was off from her work for Good Friday. She brought along her 2 kids who were also off from school, 8 year-old Dakota and 2 year-old Kendon. It was fun catching up with her (we rarely get to see her, Scott and the boys since they live up in Denton) and being 'entertained' by the boys. Dakota had all the energy in the world to do whatever and did a great job entertaining himself and the audience around him, while Kendon was always mischievous and getting his hands on things that he would find. What a bunch and they were so cute! We love kids in general, and we love Dakota and Kendon, but mucho kudos to Kyna for being SuperMom! After they left, Josue and I looked at each other and said, "No children for now!" I don't know how Kyna can keep up with those boys. =)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Bye Bye Mini!!

I received news from my dad that he is planning to sell off our Mini Cooper back home in Malaysia. Mind you, this is a classic, from 1969 (or even way before then, not sure), sort of like the one that the man was trying to sell in the picture (if you click on the title it'll bring you to the link). Ours looks almost just like that, except that it's white in color with 2 black stripes on the hood. It's beautiful, classy, in great condition and has done our family very proud for many years now. My dad first bought it from a friend as a hobby. Then my brother and I caught on to it. To this day, I'm very proud to tell people that we have a classic Mini. Most of America didn't even catch up with the craze, mainly until the movie "The Italian Job" (with Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron) did Mini really hit the US market BIG. Some of my friends back at ACU didn't even know that the Mini had been around for a long time before.

Anyway, my dad is letting the "baby" go. With both my brother and me being here in the States, my dad has been struggling trying to maintain 2 cars at home, what more even drive them (my mom doesn't drive). The Mini is old, and therefore needs more consistent TLC and my dad is having difficulties both physically and financially trying to stay on top of things. So he has decided to sell it. There had been many offers through the years before for the car from strangers and friends, but we ignored them. Looks like Dad is seriously having to consider those offers these days. I'm really going to miss the Mini--for all it's worth and for all the great memories it has given me personally. =(

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tuesday Night Dinner

TND (Tuesday Night Dinner) was awesome this evening. It was actually Josue's turn, but it turned out to be more like ours together because he made enchiladas while I made my Malaysian fried rice. We had some salad to go with the entrees and then jello with fruits and CoolWhip for dessert. Funny combination altogether but the meal was a smash hit. What was also really cool about tonight was that we had 2 guests apart from the usual ACU crew. Candice is a 2nd timer to TND and she is one of Melissa's classmates from med school. She is an awesome girl and we have absolutely love her presence at our TNDs so far. Then we had Jason Jones, who goes to church with us at Skillman. He is usually really busy with his business, and therefore finds it hard to make it to Bible Class or church on Sundays. So Josue and I really have been wanting to visit more with him, and Tuesday night seemed to be good for all of us, so we invited him to TND. He really enjoyed the food and most of all the company. We hope to venture out a little more beyond our regular circle of friends during TND and we'll have to see where God leads this too. Who knows, it might be an outreach for us to be of service to our non-Christian friends from our schools or workplaces. How cool would that be? =)

Monday, March 21, 2005

My 1st Blood Donation Experience

Yesterday afternoon Josue and I went to our church Skillman's blood drive. Mind you, I was never able to give blood back at ACU because I wasn't eligible due to one reason: I left the country too often (you know, with me going back home to Malaysia for vacation and such). So this time I knew I could more than likely donate blood since I haven't been home for 2 and a half years. We arrived there, walked into the Rotunda (one of Skillman's many meeting areas) and there was a rather decent size crew consisting of 5 nurses, a couple of booths, snacks & drinks (for you to have after you give blood) and 4 chairs for us to lay back on while we're giving blood. They kinda look like lawn chairs, the ones by the swimming pool, except they're propped up on a higher level. And of course, they had other medical equipments laying around the room. ANYWAY, the sight of the nurses started making me nervous. I'm usually not afraid of needles or the mere sight of blood, but I sure had butterflies in my stomach this time around. Meanwhile, my dear husband was making some funny remarks and jokes. You know how sometimes people start saying silly things when they get nervous? Well, that was how he was.

We had to fill up some paperwork and then individually go through a short process of interview with a nurse regarding health issues and such. Then they pricked our fingers to get blood samples. That hurt like crazy, even Josue jumped out of his chair! Hehe...We passed the interview with flying colors and then went to lie down on the chairs to start giving blood. My nurse was Monica, and she was somewhat nice, but her lack of enthusiasm and smile definitely didn't help put me at ease with the entire process. Josue's nurse Jenny seemed to be a lot nicer and friendlier, and I wanted her as my nurse instead! Sigh, I was being such a baby. When Monica brought over the needle to prick into my arm to start drawing blood, I took one look at the needle and told myself to shut my eyes. The needle was HUGE!!! I thought this was how it was supposed to be, but even Josue and Adam (who have donated before) said that the needles they used were unusually larger than usual. I thought I could've fainted there and then, and it hurt quite a bit when she first inserted, but after that was over with everything else seemed dainty. I gave one eighth of my life away, but it felt good to know that my blood could possibly help someone in need in the near future. I did a good deed. =)

Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Bible Code--My Question for the Day

Here are some questions that I have today: does the Bible Code( a theory that says there is a cryptogram which exists in the Bible which outlines the past and the future) really exists? Is it accurate, and is it something intended by God as a way of communicating with us? Or is it a hoax? I am curious about other people's opinion on this.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Improvement to the Treehouse

Check out my new and improved blog! With the help of my buddy Zach and getting other random ideas from other fellow bloggers, my "Treehouse" is looking more....presentable, I'd say. I feel like I've liberated myself from my being illiterate to the world of blog and my ability to change around my site to make it look more like mine. Zach taught me a lot today, and for that I'm eternally grateful. =) I certainly look forward to adding more cool stuff here and there on my site. In the meantime, do take the time to enjoy my anniversary ticker, the weather section and the Texan/Malaysian time clocks. Oh, and also don't forget to check out the cute little picture of my sweet husband Josue and me! More to come later from this treehouse. My eyes are tired from staring at this computer screen and I desperately need a shower...

Friday, March 18, 2005

Little joy

I just wanted to share a cool piece of news. I found out tonight through my friend Renae that one of our close mutual friends back at ACU just had a little baby boy 2 days ago. Mind you, I had been trying to get hold of Jennifer for awhile since we graduated but never knew where she was or what she was up to. The next thing I know, she has a baby! Of course this was shocking news for me, in a wonderful way though. Anyway I FINALLY got an email address and just now wrote her an email. I don't know why but I'm particularly excited and happy to be in touch with her again. I guess I've truly missed her. We were next door neighbours in Nelson Dorm our freshmen year, and then we were resident assistants together for several years--always kept in close touch. I knew her then boyfriend from the very beginning until they got married in the summer of 2003, and then just kinda lost touch with them from then on. And today, there is this new addition to their family. Talk about having to catch up with the news quick! What a joy and a blessing though. I'm extremely happy for them. Congrats to the Rigoulot family!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Oh by the way, Happy St Patty's Day!!!

Smelling the pot roast..mmm....

The roast is in the pot, Josue is on the phone, we're listening to the radio (well, muted for now since Josue is on the phone) and I'm feeling goodness, I almost feel guilty for being bored. His work is going a little slower than usual today, therefore no need for my help. I've cleaned the kitchen 10 times over in the meantime and dinner is practically done 'cuz all it needs now is to be left alone for the next 3 hours or so. It's a challenge for me to be in this manner 'cuz I'm usually busy. I wish I could work! Ugh...

While I was cooking earlier, I was reminded at the fact of how blessed Josue and I have been. As typical newlyweds, we are being challenged trying to budget our finances at home. My not being able to work has changed things around a little bit. And while Josue is really hardworking in his business, we are aware that it has its good days and bad days. Being typical of myself, I tend to worry more than I should be. Go figure! But the Lord reminded me while I was working around in the kitchen this afternoon that He continues and will continue to provide. It's funny how our fridge and pantry has yet to run out of food despite the fact that we haven't done grocery shopping in forever. Man, we are much better off than many people out there who have to live day-by-day without knowing the fact if they can even have a meal. We are far more blessed than many--who am I to even complain?! =)

Enjoy the beautiful and sunny day out there (at least for those of us who are here in Dallas today), throw a frisbee, play soccer or even just sit and read, and admire God's creation--for all of His majestic beauty--and remember that He provides. Yea!!

Ok, that was my sappy moment for the day, don't mind me. =)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Ok, this was what I was afraid of whenever I started blogging--that I was going to have days when I'd have writer's block. So yes, that is exactly what I'm going through right now. Sorry! More to come later....=)

Monday, March 14, 2005

'Tis the season of blessings and love

It never seizes to amaze me how the Lord works daily. He tends to put surprises in our lives when we least expect it. Josue and I definitely had that moment last night through a good friend from church last night. Without getting into much detail, let's just say that Josue and I couldn't stop crying with tears of joy and gratitude. The Lord provided during a time when we needed it the most, and we were speechless, yet again. We are truly thankful to the Fosters for their graciousness and most of all, their friendship. We are thankful to God for His continual surprises, and for knowing EXACTLY when to throw them on us.

I also found out this morning that a good friend of mine from ACU got engaged. This is wonderful news for me. She truly deserves to be with a good and godly man, and she finally found THE one. She is one out of many other people I know who are walking down the aisle into the chapel of love this summer. It's the spring season, and 'tis the season of love! =)

Friday, March 11, 2005

Star Wars

Yeah, the bug hit me yesterday. I was sneezing most of the day and had a runny nose while at the same time feeling completely drugged by dosages of Dayquil and Nyquil. I was bed-ridden for most of the day, and my sweet hubby Josue did his best to take care of me. Anyway, while laying sickly in bed, I managed to catch part of the trailer on TV for the upcoming Star Wars flick--Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I am a huge Star Wars fan (call me a nerd for all you want) and absolutely cannot wait for the movie to release in May. I feel like I've waited forever for this final series to come out, and I think it's going to be AWESOME. The effects look especially intriguing. Of course, many won't feel the same, but who cares? I know I don't...=)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

This is too much work!

I've spent most of my morning and afternoon working on our wedding scrapbook. It's so unlike me because I usually don't have the patience or the creativity to do things such as this, and it just doesn't speak out as ME, you know? I enjoyed it though; working on the book brought back so many wonderful memories about the wedding and all the hype prior to it. It's amazing how much you DON'T remember about the day until you have the photographs to remind you. The book isn't all done yet, so more to come about that later.

Having said all that, I now have a headache....this is too much work. I wish I had the money to hire a professional scrapbooker to do all the work for me. But then again, it won't be the same, won't be as special, I guess. And that would also mean more free time for myself, which I clearly don't need anymore. Not being able to be in the workforce like every other legal citizen in this country has left me high and dry. I'm not used to NOT being busy.

Well, looks like it's time for some Excedrin for this head of mine...

Try Out

Ok, so i'm giving this whole blog thing a shot. EVERYONE is doing it...except my hubby and me. So we'll just have to see how things turn out.