Saturday, July 30, 2005

50 Things You Never Wanted To Know About Me: Finale

I realized I hadn't completed this list, so to not disappoint any of you, here goes:

36. Mosquitoes particularly have a special thing for me wherever I go. I guess I'm just that sweet, heh heh..

37. One time at ACU I went out attempting to chase a tornado with some friends--at night. It was quite a thrill when we actually started driving into the storm. We turned around though because it rained so hard we couldn't see the road in front of us. I'd like to do this again sometime; this time with professionals and during the day time.

38. I hyper-extended my back once while doing some kind of crazy gymnastic stunt on a trampoline. Imagine that!

39. I've never gotten a speeding ticket ever since getting my license at 16. *knock on wood*

40. I almost drowned an opponent once while playing intramural waterball at ACU. Competitiveness is both my forte and my downfall.

41. I hate snakes and bugs, but can handle the occasional leech (or leeches).

42. I didn't start shaving my legs until my freshmen year at ACU. Never had the need to before then.

43. I've never really had one bestfriend all my life because my group of friends constantly changed and I was always doing different things. Wonder if this is good or bad...

44. I will never turn down good Italian cuisine.

45. I want to travel the world, with Josue of course.

46. I dislike cats but prefer dogs, However, I don't think Josue and I will ever have pets.

47. The hardest thing I have ever done was leaving my family and home and coming to the United States to study at ACU.

48. One of my biggest accomplishment is leaving my family and home and coming to the United States to study at ACU.

49. My other biggest accomplishment is marrying Josue.

50. Another big accomplishment of mine is still in the works, Lord will find out later. =)

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

God's Cooking

Almost all of you know by now that I absolutely love anything to do with culinary. And no, I didn't start cooking when I got married, but actually way before then. I believe I inherited this art from my sweet mom, who is still one of the best cooks I know. Lately I feel that cooking isn't just a work of art but also more of a service that I love to do for others. I always look forward to Tuesday Night Dinners (TNDs) when it's my turn to cook for my friends. I also always try and offer to cook for others when I know they can't because of different reasons. And just today one of my friends finally took up my offer and I made dinner for her and 5 other intern friends of hers at the hospital where they are interning. They work so hard, stay up late at the hospital and therefore hardly can afford a home-cooked meal. So seeing the smiles on their faces today and the contentment that they felt in their tummies made me very happy and thrilled that I could be of service to others through my culinary skill. Most people might not understand this, but I truly praise God for this opportunity in which I can start up some sort of ministry with my own 'style'.

As a side note, if any of you need a break from cooking or would just like for me to cook for you or your friends some time, you know who to ask! =)

*And this has been yet another very random blog...*

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


So I decided to waste some free time to try out some fun and crazy quizzes. I've discovered some sane and insane things about myself. For example:

~I'm 10% weird. Nah, I actually think I'm a little more weirder than that.
~My Hawaiian name is Lana Oliana. Hmm...
~Of all the foreign languages, one quiz said that I should learn Spanish! Who would have thought...
~My rocker personality is a chick rocker.
~My sexy brazilian name is Stephania Carvalho. Ok...
~According to another quiz, I supposedly act the age of only 21. I think I like this best!
~ I'm 40% American.
~My brain is 60% female and 40% male, apparently a healthy mix and combination.

When you have time to waste, have some simple fun by taking some of these crazy quizzes ( I'm easily entertained, so something like this works pretty well for me.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

My New Car....

Image hosted by
....NOT!!! I only wish it was really mine.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

50 Things You Never Wanted To Know About Me: Part Deux

Alright, let's continue...

21. I was a librarian when I was 11. I was in charged of a small library of law over at the institute where my mom was working for a period of time. If memory serves me right, that was probably my very 1st job too.

22. Don't mess with me on the road. I have terrible road rage. I'm not worthy to be a child of God particularly when I'm behind the wheel. =(

23. I love cooking and consider it a form of art.

24. Bargain shopping is THE way to go. I get most things either on clearance or simply go to ROSS to shop. I don't see the point in getting things full price, well, except groceries.

25. Reality TV is not reality. I can't imagine myself wasting time watching that kind of garbage.

26. I was a huge fan of the New Kids on The Block. Yeah, you know the boyband who came way before N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys. T-shirts, music cassettes, posters, pins, postcards, you name it, I had 'em.

27. Funky-looking shoes always catch my attention. Of course, I won't get them unless they're on sale or on clearance. Josue says I have way too many shoes, and I believe he's right. Others say I have a fetish for shoes, and I believe they're right too.

28. I'm a sucker for rollar-coasters. I can go on rides all day long and not feel sick or bored. I enjoy the thrill and anxiety that come along with them.

29. Once again, Malaysians don't live in treehouses. I did NOT live in one when I was growing up.

30. The craziest thing I've ever eaten were snails. And they were good!

31. I swam all throughout my school years for school and state, and did professional synchronized swimming for a couple of years before coming to the United States, but most of you already knew that...=)

32. At 18, I traveled to Melbourne, Australia by myself on a month-long trip.

33. I can't sew and I dislike it even more. My sweet hubby can do a far better job that I ever can. You go Babe!

34. My not so brand new sis-in-law is half Iranian and half American. I love how she (and Josue) continue to add on to the great diversity that we have in my family.

35. I'm a chocoholic who can't afford delicious Swiss chocolate, which I think is the best in the universe.

Coming soon, part 3 and the finale...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

50 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me: Part Uno

I'm following suit alongside a fellow experienced blogger (you know who you are). If you care to read, great. If you don't care, bummer, read it anyway since I'm currently not blogging about anything else...

1. I was born in Malacca, a beachside city in Malaysia. Then I moved with my family to Ipoh when I was about 4 years old.

2. The first 4 years of my life was spent growing up in an old-school beachside flat (or as they say here in America, an apartment), located on the highest floor of the complex. That building still stands until today, or at least when I last checked.

3. I despise pizza, thanks to ACU.

4. I read, write and speak Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay.

5. I have yet to master Spanish.

6. My hubby is mostly my Spanish teacher at the moment.

7. I thought I would live in New York City right after graduation. God obviously had a different plan for me when Josue and I started dating.

8. My middle name is Shan-Shan, which is my Chinese name from birth that my dad gave me. I made it my middle name when I first came to the United States.

9. My first name is officially Deborah, but I never liked it. My Chinese friends used to make fun of that name in school. Don't ask me about it. I don't want to think back to those awful days.

10. My mom's step-father had a mixed heritage of British and Malay.

11. My great-grandmother (also from Mom's side) was from Indonesia, and her ancestors came from as far as Holland.

12. I am a neat freak and I clean constantly (just ask Josue). I also handwash all our dishes, pots and pans after every meal. The dishwasher is just sitting in the kitchen mainly for show.

13. I had a rather boyish childhood, and I feel like I'm still tom-boyish today.

14. I was engaged to someone else before my marriage to Josue. That was a particularly trying time of my young adult life, but it molded me to become a more mature person. I have moved on well since.

15. My dad's father was an immigrant from China. He died when my dad was 12 years old.

16. My first car when I was 16 was a Daihatsu Aura, a 2-door compact and sporty car. I have since yet to own another car, apart from 'inheriting' Josue's.

17. I can't rollarskate, rollarblade or skateboard.

18. One of the many things that I want to do before I die is skydiving.

19. I've bleached my hair once during my time at ACU.

20. I've gotten my ears pierced twice. It didn't work the first time around, so I had to get it pierced again.

More to come....

Sunday, July 10, 2005

We watched "War of the Worlds" Friday night. It was totally awesome. Lacking a bit of a storyline (I think) but the effects and images alone were worth the watch. It's scary to think that the end of the world could possibly look like this.

Yesterday afternoon, I spent 5 hours (!!!) of my afternoon just to watch the LIVE 8 concerts that were a repeat from last week's real event. To me it was worth it because I got to see entertainers from the UK whom I usually don't get to see on American TV, such as Paul McCartney, Bjork and Robbie Williams, just to name a few. My absolutely fave was when Jay-Z and Linkin Park performed some of their re-mixed hits. I was jammin' in my bedroom!! Yes, I admit I'm a music nerd.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Austin and Beyond

I've had a fantastic weekend with my sweet Mexican. He has done a rather good job detailing our weekend as a whole on his blog (yes, he updated it!!), so I suggest you go read it. I'm feeling lazy and ungirly right now to want to go the extra mile to add on to what he has already blogged, so I'm just going to highlight:

Saturday afternoon: Had a blast at Rick and Bethany's beautiful wedding. Congrats you guys!!

Saturday evening: Had dinner with Jeff and Cindy Maya (friends from Dallas who also attended the wedding) at a lovely Italian restaurant called Asti Trattoria--gourmet style and very un-American. Superb! We also drove downtown to 6th Street for a brief moment. I made a quick stop at the Hard Rock Cafe to get a souvenir martini glass while Josue stood by the street and took this awesome picture.

Sunday morning/early afternoon: Yeah, yeah, we were heathens and completely skipped out on church. Instead, we pigged out at the Green Pastures by having their awesome Sunday Buffet. (Check it out by clicking on the 'Sunday Buffet' link on the website. Just make sure you're not reading this if you're feeling particularly hungry.)

Sunday afternoon through evening: Went mostly window-shopping at the San Marcos Outlet Mall. It was PACKED and it was also an extremely HOT day. I somehow got a serious tan just by walking from one section of the outlet to the other. Well, we also drove around with the convertible top down in our rental. Silly of us when the whole purpose of getting this rental was for the A/C. ANYWAY, we initially made a pact with each other that we were only going to walk around and keep on eye on things worth getting, and then only purchase them the next day we return. That worked for the most part, but there were some great deals that were just too risky to pass on. We were afraid that someone else would snatch them up, so we went ahead and bought them. So much for the pact.

That's it. Now back to more cleaning and laundry....

Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy 4th Weekend!!

We're off to the capital of Texas in the morning to see our sweet friends Rick and Bethany get wed. Sigh, just one of the MANY weddings that we know of or have been invited to this summer. Nah, we truly love R and B, and they have been such blessings in our lives since we first came to know them early this year. They deserve an absolute blessed and happy day tomorrow. Then the lucky couple will fly off to Europe for their honeymoon. Imagine!

Although my hubby and I are in no way spending our July 4th weekend in exotic Europe (or somewhere that feels like or looks even close to the continent), we are thrilled to leave Dallas for the weekend and to have a short vacation all to ourselves. I guess the cool thing is, this will be our first time TOGETHER to Austin, and the last time I went there myself seemed ancient years ago. We are like 2 little kids, getting anxious and excited the night before and getting up in the morning to hit the road. We are looking forward to 3 days and 2 nights of relaxation, fun and good food. =)

So what are your plans for the weekend?