Sunday, November 26, 2006

San Francisco--Part I

These pictures serve as proves of my whirlwind trip to San Francisco and the surrounding bay area last week. Elizabeth and I rented a car when we arrived early Monday morning, and off we went! Felt like I had driven the entire state of California in a span of 2 days...nah, it wasn't that bad. In fact it was an extremely fun roadtrip; getting lost many a times while trying to figure out the Californian roadways and the system, discovering new places and towns, and enjoying the beautiful sceneries along the way. What a great experience!

The USS Pampalito at the Fisherman's Wharf

Freshly boiled craps sold by the street. Fresh and readily-available seafood everywhere!

Ghirardelli Square. Here's a hint: something SWEET!

The last time I had a drink from The Coffee Bean was in Malaysia. I was definitely excited about finding this shop and just had to make a stop.

San Francisco--Part II

Houses on the hills in Sausalito
Bayside in Sausalito. It was a foggy day all over the bay area.

Medical school where Elizabeth interviewed at. The movie "Patch Adams" was filmed here.

Grapes that will be harvested later to make Chardonnay.

At Domain Chandon Winery in Napa.

Domain Chandon

Driving down the hill approaching the Golden Gate Bridge.

Across the bay overlooking the San Francisco skyline.

I'm driving across the Golden Gate for the 1st time in my life!!

San Francisco--Part III

Driving across the bridge; you can faintly see the skyline
in the background.

Alcatraz Island

At the Marina with the Golden Gate behind us

Unique houses along the Marina

Part of Chinatown

Another part of Chinatown

Bank of America--in Chinese!

Another part of Chinatown

Leaving Chinatown--Liz did lots of shopping, ha!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

As you can see, Elizabeth cooked up a storm to feed 4 of us last night. Obviously I have no post-dinner pictures to show how bloated and full we all were! :) It's been very nice being away from Dallas for awhile and relaxing with the tiny side of my family, and feeling extremely thankful to God for this past year; for all the great (and even bad) things that we have experienced. Can't ask for anything more!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and Christmas--here we come!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Quick Note

Sorry for the long absence. Just returned from a whirlwind trip with my sis-in-law in San Francisco, which I'll blog more later and probably post more pictures. In the meantime, I'm tired since I flew in overnight and hardly got any sleep. Laters!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Woo Hoo!!!!

Hey hey!!! The counter on my blog shows that this page has FINALLY hit and pass the 10,000 mark. Thank you to ALL readers who have helped make this memorable occasion possible. :)

*I hope to post something more meaningful later, I promise.