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The Weekend

Just so I don't go missing for a long time again, I'm blogging down my upcoming weekend for all to know. :) Josue and I are really excited, because our cool friends Kevin and Kim are getting married tomorrow! They first met at one of our Tuesday Night Dinners, and the rest is history. So we've literally seen their entire love story unfold before our eyes from the beginning. We are even more honored to be in their wedding. Josue and the guys will be ushers, while the TND girls and I are going to be hostesses (actually one of them is a bridemaid).

We'll be partying the weekend away starting with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner tonight. The guys are trying to put together a last-minute late-night bachelor's party for Kevin afterwards while the girls will go home to crash because we'll be having an early morning the next day. Tomorrow morning we have a breakfast dealy for all the bridemaids, hostesses, close family and friends together with the bride-to-be, of course. After which we'd all start getting ready because we have to be at church up in McKinney by 1 pm for pictures and such. Wedding starts at 3 pm and with the reception and cleaning up afterwards, we probably won't be done till later in the evening. Then Josue and I are hosting one of the bridesmaid for the night and we'll be taking her to the airport for her to fly home on Sunday morning. Whew! I'm getting tired just blogging all this up...

Hopefully I'll have some cool pictures from the weekend to show. It's going to be fun and exciting, I'm sure. Oh, and don't forget, for those of us living here in the US, to push your clocks forward by one hour late Saturday night! Too bad we'll all be losing one hour's worth of precious sleep, especially those of us who at that point had been partying all weekend long...

Until my next post, have a great weekend! :)

You're back!!! I was getting worried. Sounds like you and Josue have been super busy!! We are going to be in TX March 11-21. It would be wonderful to see the 2 of you again! In fact, we are having a 2nd birthday party for Kennan on the 17th. Maybe you could come?? Talk to you soon!

Sure, that sounds like fun and we would love to see you guys again even if it's for a brief moment. Email me details @ malaydebster@gmail.com . Can't wait to see you guys! :)

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