Thursday, April 05, 2007


No, I'm not going crazy, but I think I'm almost there. As many of you know already, I haven't been working since Josue left the insurance business. I've been patiently (or attempting to be patient) waiting on my papers from INS to come. Josue and I interviewed with an INS officer back in the middle of January, and the timeframe that we were told is 90 days from the day of interview to when I'd hear back again with good news. We're approaching the 90-day mark and still have yet to hear anything. I have no doubt that I will get it because our papers were well put-together and there hasn't been a rejection letter yet (INS officer said that if there was such a thing, it'd been in the mail a month and a half ago). But my anxiety is gradually kicking in and I'm already seeing the effects of it in my daily attitude. Poor Josue...I think he's really starting to think twice why he married me in the first place! :)

But as you read this now, say a quick prayer for me and for us. I've waiting SO LONG for the day to come when I can once again have a 'status' to my being here in the States. Dealing with immigration is not on my top 10 list of favourite things to do because I've dealt with them all of my life--both here in the States and back in Malaysia--and it's never been fun. And on top of that, I'm just a naturally anxious person and tend to worry A LOT. I've gotten better in many ways, but this INS thing is really starting to bring the worse out of me. Aish...just end me of my misery right now!!! Hopefully by my next post (and who knows when that is) I should have good news for you. Stay tuned! :)