Monday, December 26, 2005

Greetings from Brownsville

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope and pray all is safe and well with you. As most of you know, we're here with Josue's family in Brownsville. We arrived in last Friday after a LONG drive from Dallas, and will continue to stay through until New Year's Day. This will be the longest period of time we've ever spent here, especially for Josue ever since he graduated from college. Without getting into much details (and since most of you already know of what's going on anyway), let's just say that our time here has been much like a rollar-coaster ride, physically and emotionally. We've only been here for 4 days, but it already feels like it's been forever! There are no words to describe how we feel right now, just mostly tired, I guess. We ask for your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Season Greetings!

Here's wishing all our friends and loveones a
Merry Christmas ("Feliz Navidad" and
"Selamat Hari Natal", our native languages
respectively), safe travels and a very
Happy 2006!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

'Tis The Season

I promise I'm still alive. The blogging world has been the farthest in my thoughts lately. December is an exciting month, but it's also the most hectic. Surely you can all relate with this. And for some strange reason, I'm feeling the hecticness more this year as a married person than I've ever had previously as a single. So many commitments, activities, parties, Christmas preparations etc. I'm about to pull my hair out, but yet I'm loving all this busyness!

For everyone of you going through this same kind of hecticness and also about to pull your hair out, just hang in there! Know that Christmas is just 'round the corner and that this will all be over before too long. I think it's all part of the fun and liveliness of the season anyway, so we should be thankful. :) If anything, call me and we can pull our hairs out together, and then hopefully get them cut and fixed up by Christmas Day!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I've Been Spoilt

It's been such an incredible weekend. I've had such a blast celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary with my sweet hubby. After church on Sunday, we had a quiet lunch at home eating homemade tamales (they were SO good), watched the Dallas Cowboys play on TV and then Josue brought me out shopping.

That evening was kind of special too, in my opinion. We were only going to have our 'official' anniversary dinner on Monday, so that Sunday evening was spent going to the store to get much-needed groceries instead. That's usually one of my favourite things to do with Josue. So it meant a lot to me that we both went to Super Wal-Mart together. :)

Monday evening came along and the evening was spectecular as well. Josue surprised me with a dozen of beautiful roses and brought me to Maguire's M Grill & Tap. It was our first experience being there, so we were open to whatever that came our way. The environment wasn't as 'romantic' as we thought it would be, but the overall service was very good and we enjoyed the dishes we ordered tremendously. (I would recommend this place to you.)

I guess the only thing missing from this weekend was supposedly the 1st anniversary 'tradition'--eating the wedding cake frozen from the wedding day a year ago. To us, that just sounds rather gross to begin with. Moreover, we don't have the cake with us. It's back in Brownsville with my mother-in-law. Frankly, we don't feel too bad missing out on this. It was still a wonderful weekend, regardless!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Happy First Anniversary!!

Exactly one year ago, I married my bestfriend, my 'partner-in-crime', my soulmate, my love. Most of that day is all a blur to me now (and everything prior to it), but I remember how excited and anxious we were that day and how we were surrounded by the love and support of our families and closest friends. It was everything we could both imagine. Can't believe one year has flown by, and we've both had such a blast being married to each other. Babe, I've had such an amazing year with you. I love you more and more each day and I feel truly blessed. May we have many more wonderful years together. (Okay, that was enough of my share of sappy moments, hehe...)