Friday, April 28, 2006

Just A Little Bit

We were rained out last week, so didn't have a softball game. But we played yesterday against St Luke Espicopal, and we won again. The score was 17 to 6, or somewhere along that line. Needless to say, we're estatic and feel like we're unbeatable! :)

Sorry this is all I'm blogging. Like most of you would care about softball to begin with, but hey, this is exciting news for us. Anyway, I sold my laptop, so I don't have have easy access to the internet most of the day unless I borrow Josue's when we're home together. We're supposed to get one the beginning of next month, so hopefully I'll blog more then. We'll see.

My brother and his wife were with us all last weekend, and after they left, Jeremy came into town for his vacation. It's been nice having people in and out of our home, but it's also nice to catch up on some quiet time for ourselves these days. It was so nice to hang out and have dinner with Kyna and Scott and their 2 adorable boys last evening before the softball game. We miss you guys! And tonight, we're hanging out with a group of people at the American Airlines Arena watching the Dallas Desperados play arena football (I'll find out what that is tonight). Should be tons of fun! Until next time...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Still Alive

Happy Easter everyone! It's been a lovely day overall; the weather was perfect, church service was particularly special (had 2 baptisms), good company all around, restful times and most of all, I've been personally reminded, yet again, of my journey of faith with Christ, the risen Savior. Of course, I have to remember about my commitment to God daily, and not just on Easter Sunday. But I'm glad to be reminded that I believe in a power greater than I, and greater than everything else in this universe--contrary to what these guys say (I'm picking on them because apparently they had put up flyers around our church building this morning before everyone got to church. Guess they went around Dallas doing this. If they can even comprehend what they're missing out...).

LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) was this past weekend. The kids, their parents and volunteers have been working hard preparing for this event since January, and their hardwork finally paid off from Friday's and Saturday's events. I helped out with leading the elementary chorus as well as being an overnight chaperone for the teenage girls at the hotel on Friday night. Needless to say, I'm currently trying to recuperate and regain the ounces of energy that were drained out of me particularly from the weekend. But it was great, and I wouldn't have traded the time for anything else.

Things should calm down some in the Villarreal household. Hopefully blogging will come slightly more often too, but who can tell? Never know what happens consistently around here. We're fine though. Our next upcoming softball game is on Thursday, so who knows I might have something to blog about after then. :)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Softball Season

"Skillman Skillz"--that was our church's softball team which we formed and played in last year's Dallas church softball league. Needless to say, we had quite a sorry season and we desperately needed more than just 'skillz' to pull us through.

However, yesterday was history in the making. The team this year, which is made up mostly of former teammates plus some new ones, won our first softball game of the season! The score was 11-10, and it was quite the close fight all throughout between both teams, but Skillman pulled through at the very end. It was a sweet victory, and it certainly felt good winning fair and square. We felt more confident as a team this time around and knew exactly what to expect. The Spirit was with us!

Our next game is on Thursday, April 20th. We hope to excel like how we did last night. And hopefully with this first win, we'll even start having a fan club or something to cheer us by the stands each time we play. :)

That's it for now. Sorry I haven't blogged in a long time. Life is hectic and busy, but Josue and I are surviving and doing just fine. However, I am keeping up with everybody else's blogs, so keep bringing those updates. I have definitely been enjoying reading blogs rather than writing them myself.

Go in peace!